GRAPA Certification Offers Worldwide Recognition


The GRAPA – School of Revenue Assurance is the continuation of our original Revenue Assurance Academy. The this school provides the revenue assurance professional with the opportunity to gain access to an extensive catalog of Revenue Assurance best practices, latest methodologies and standards based approaches to the ever expanding, and ever more complicated world of the RA professional.

This School allows professionals to take specific short courses to focus on specific topics, while at the same time making our extensive catalog of intermediate and advanced Masters, Manager and Specialist programs available via the online, public regional event, or corporate onsite approach.


GRAPA has offered certification of telecommunications professionals since the beginning of 2009. The publication of GRAPA’s ratified standards document for 2009, The Revenue Assurance Standards 2009 - included a comprehensive Body of Knowledge spelling out the charter and scope of the revenue assurance function as practiced by our global membership. Since then, GRAPA has offered certification in line with those Standards and that Body of Knowledge.

This standards-based approach is developed using a rigorous and ongoing review process that collects and distills the latest, most up-to-date and effective practices currently implemented by telcos of all types and sizes around the world. Because GRAPA’s certification is based on professional principles and an in-depth standards-driven methodology, GRAPA’s certified professionals are able to apply their skills not just to environments where they have personal experience, but across a variety of situations to address whatever new and unique problems they encounter. This is an absolute necessity in an industry where new business models and technologies are producing continuous upheaval and disruptive change.

GRAPA’s certifications require intense and exhaustive continuous education and a stringent set of examinations and verification of relevant work experience, so they provide management with a credible assurance of skills and ability. Management knows that by utilizing certified professionals, not only are their team members trained and tested according to a uniform understanding of their profession, but they can apply those skills in real-world situations.

In the breadth and segmentation of GRAPA’s certifications, professionals and organizations can be assured that not only does GRAPA offer a 360o view of telecoms operations and revenues to those it certifies, but that it is also able to offer that perspective at levels appropriate to the aptitude, ability and experience of those who seek certification – whether they are National Regulators, CFOs, Internal Auditors, Revenue Assurance Managers, those with intermediate experience in telecoms, as well as those who are new or just starting out in Revenue Assurance or Telecoms Fraud.