Online Certification - 2018

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Continuing Professional Development

for Telecoms Business Professionals

Revenue Assurance

 Revenue Assurance is a challenging job, and while noone can make the job of learning all of the terms, concepts, network engineering, accounting controls and acronyms EASY, we can make it a lot easier. Our continous improvement , subscription programs provide you with continuous access to classes, materials and personalized mentoring, all focused on helping you get up to speed quickly.  

Fraud & CyberSecurity

Today's modern telecoms delivers dozens of new technologies, business models and partnership solutions to customers in every part of their country. But with these innovations come additional risks of fraud and the new generation of cyber-hacks and cyber frauds. Our programs provide these profesionals with a contiuous update on the latest in these areas.

Finance, Accounting & Audit

 More than ever, the modern telecom depends upon the financial accounting and governance departments to make sure that the firm stays profitable. Auditors and other assurance specialists keep track of the contiuously shifting risk horizons, while financial controls keep track of the money and make sure that the continoulysly changing regulatory requirements are met.

Training Options

Online Live - Subscriptions

Onsite - Private Online

Dedicated Coaches - Continously Available
If learning was just a matter of reading a book, or watching a video we wouldn't needs schools and teachers. We know that the quickest way to get out of the confusion and get to the "a-ha" moment quickly, is when you have a coach , a mentor, someone who can help you get to the understanding quickly. It's easier to learn when its safe to make mistakes !  You need to have the freedom to be wrong, without worrying what your boss or your co workers are going to think of you.

Continuous Access to Live Training - Every Day 

We make it easy for you to take on this huge learning path at a pace that is comfortable for you. No cramming. You set the pace and cover material as quickly or as slowly as you need.

2 Hours per Day - On the days you want
Our continuously repeating curricullum means that you have plenty of opportunities to catch the classes you are interested in. The training modules are repeated several times a year, and at different times, and if you really need the info RIGHT NOW - recordings of all of the training sessions are available ON-DEMAND , whenever you want it.Focus on  the Things you need to know RIGHT NOW ! Your custom curricullum will be prepared and approved by your manager, so you can be sure you are learning the things you need to know.

Corporate Team Training -
Getting the Most out of the Organization 
GRAPA team training programs help the executive or department managers encouarge their teams to accomplish new levels of cooperation and creativity. Our team training programs are focused on TEAM and helping your team to overcome obstacles to communication and efficiency in a positive and proactive way.

SYNERGY - That Extra Ingredient ! 
There is something magical about that moment when everybody "gets it" and everyone is able to pull together towards a common goal. Synergy is what managers strive for. But synergy can be difficult when people are not aware of everything that is going on. The breakneck pace of change and evolution in telecoms means that every team needs a "synch point" where they can reassess priorities and get lined up again. Our team training programs make this the primary goal.

Shared Vision - Common Goals !  
Share vision starts when everyone shares the same vocabulary and can see the problem from the other persons perspective. But that is pretty difficul to do unless you can get everyone to sit together and really share what each one thinks about the challenges they are facing. Our team training programs help teams to isolate the toughest change management and new technology based pressure points and helps teams come up with ways to resolve them.

The first goal of any GRAPA team training event is to be sure that the areas being studied are of immediate and critical concern to all people involved. Theory is just a framework that help people organize their thinking. Our case study, real world situation based programs guarantee that the people attending the course will walk away with action plans that will have a real impact on your business outcomes.