GRAPA Online Subscriptions
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GRAPA Online Live Training

Interactive – Real Time – Best Practices

For over 5 years, GRAPA has been revolutionizing the training and certification of RA professionals through our online “virtual campus”. Students are able to participate in the same dynamic, interactive training environment that has made our regional events and onsite training the most demanded form of certification for over 2000 professionals around the world.

Through our online program, students are able to get all of the benefits of our best-practices based programs delivered at their desktop at work or in their homes.

Explore the possibilities, the convenience and the cost savings that these programs create. 


Best Practices, World-Class Curriculum
The best organized, best presented and most effective training available In the telecoms risk management arena
One-on-One Exchange of Ideas with a World-Class Industry Expert
Students will always have the opportunity to hold one-on-one review sessions with a GRAPA faculty member
Exposure to the Experiences and Input of other Industry Professionals
Interactive class activities allow students to master the material through multiple real-world examples
Collegial-Style Training Approach
Fostering a sense of community and developing shared vision and values